TAMRI - About us

Tâm Anh Research Institute (TAMRI) is a prominent medical research establishment in Vietnam, founded in May 2013. TAMRI serves as a collaborative hub, uniting people with different skills and expertise. Our collective aim is to foster innovation and make groundbreaking discoveries that contribute to a healthier and extended lifespan of the population. By forging partnerships with hospitals, universities, and industries, as well as garnering support from our community, TAMRI thrives as a beacon of excellence.
At TAMRI, we provide an environment where individuals can truly shine. We welcome those who aspire to make a tangible impact and are determined to bring about positive change. As an institute, we are steadfast in our commitment to empowering our members with the necessary tools to flourish both personally and professionally.

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Our principle

We champion fundamental research, providing steadfast support for transformative discoveries.
We are committed to expediting the translation of research findings into clinical applications and advancements in healthcare.
We foster and encourage multidisciplinary collaborations, cultivating an environment where diverse expertise converges for innovative advancements.

Our vision

Our vision is to become the leading medical research center in Asia conducting world-class research, and through collaboration, accelerating the translation of discovery to clinical care, ultimately resulting in the betterment of people's health and well-being across the globe.
Our vision

Our mission

We are committed to enhancing the wellness of people affected by diseases both in Vietnam and around the world. We achieve this by facilitating scientific research and promoting evidence-based practices.
Our mission

Medical ethics and integrity

Medical ethics and integrity are the two leading principles at TAMRI to ensure the responsibility and value of people and research. Accordingly, All TAMRI personnel are expected to comply with the following principles:
Medical ethics and integrity


Ensuring the truthful and accurate representation of data and information throughout the process of proposing, conducting, analysing, and reporting research.


Underpinning research through meticulous attention to detail and rigorous methodology, while being mindful of and acknowledging potential biases.


Promoting open, responsible, and accurate sharing and communication of research methodology, data, and findings, while also disclosing and effectively managing conflicts of interest.


Ensuring fair and respectful treatment of fellow researchers and all individuals involved in the research process, by appropriately referencing and citing the work of others, and duly recognizing and giving credit, including authorship when appropriate, to those who have contributed to the research.


Demonstrating respect for research participants, colleagues, research students, the broader community, animals, and the environment.


Recognizing and respecting the rights of communities, particularly ethnic minorities, to be actively engaged in research that impacts or holds special significance for them.


Emphasizing accountability, encompassing both financial and non-financial aspects, throughout the process of research development, implementation, and reporting. Anticipating the potential consequences and outcomes of research before its dissemination.


Promoting and cultivating a research culture and environment that nurtures responsible research conduct, both within the Institute and in the respective field of practice.